Stewardship: To Care for Something - The Ancient Redwoods and Sequoias

Companionship: The Enjoyment of Spending Time with Another - Your Companion Animals

Relationship: The State of Being Connected - The Most Important Connection is to Yourself


At Planet Pets People we are here to support the care of YOU through three specific areas:

  • Guard our natural resource of the Ancient Redwoods and Sequoias for the healing benefit they share with humanity

  • Protecting our companion animals rights, shelter them from harm and provide for their health and well being

  • The MOST IMPORTANT - YOU and supporting your journey of self discovery

First, we value YOU! We can’t protect the trees of our Planet or our Pets without YOU….


The Relationship you experience with yourself is what drives your interactions with life.

If your inner reality is overwhelmed, stressed and uncertain then the events of your day will reflect these inner feelings.



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Founder, Susan Elizabeth Espinosa, offers from her life experience and 22 years as an intuitive guide, several resources such as Making Sense of Your Sensitivities and Emotions and Essential Oils, to begin or further your journey. Her own SENSITIVITIES caused considerable overwhelm but through trial and error she discovered how to support them and now passes that information on to you.

If you have been told Your Too Sensitive or are easily emotion and don’t understand why or maybe being around people leaves you feeling exhausted, then you have found the right place for support and reassurance.

At PPP, we offer SUPPORT, EDUCATION and TOOLS to aid in reducing stress, restoring calm and helping you to realize and release your authentic self.

Before we are able to protect the Redwoods and Sequoias and help our Pets we need to first take care of ourselves. It is the foundational step in restoring us into our birthright of Right Relationship and harmony with all aspects of our life.

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PPP was created out of a moment of prayer when Susan asked,

“How am I supposed to function when I am drowning in grief?”


PETS provide us with a direct and freely given portal to unconditional love. Their purpose is to remind us that no matter how unworthy of love we may feel, it is not the truth. When we look into the eyes of our adoring pets or are greeted by them with such enthusiasm even if we’ve only been gone 5 minutes, it is their way of communicating the knowing that LOVE is all there is.


It was then shown to her the true purpose of nature is restoration of our natural energy flow to be in alignment with God.

She felt specifically drawn to the Redwoods and Sequoias and being a native Californian, she knew all about their majestic energy.

After experiencing first hand direct relief from grief while sitting under a Redwood, she intuitively knew that they must be protected because they are meant to restore us from the stress of life.

“I could feel that the Redwoods had done something special because I was no longer drowning in grief. It was not entirely gone BUT IT WAS BETTER!

It was as if they had reached out to me in sacred relationship. Something I had longed for my entire life.

The theme of RIGHT RELATIONSHIP began to emerge as I understood what was out of balance within people shows up as a Planet out of balance.

Nature and our Pets give us immediate access to unconditional love and a whole and holy energy we need to survive.

But first, we need to have a right relationship with ourselves in order to receive from these sources! This is where my expertise as an Intuitive Life Adviser can help you find relief and support so that you can have the right relationship you have longed for in your life!”



When we experience Right and healthy relationships, we have a natural desire to care for them. Through Right Relationships we receive energy and support.

A Right Relationship, filled with a reverence for all of life, is what we are designed to experience.  

Good family, friends, fitness and finances.

Right and healthy relationships grant us access to unlimited provision, pure creative potential and inspires innovative thought. Planet Pets People believe that healthy relationships are the vehicle through which loving solutions will be revealed that restore order during this great time of transition.

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Restoring Us Into Right Relationships….

as our priority in life, with the Planet, our companion animals, ourselves and with God. Love flows in supportive relationships and allows divinely inspired solutions to be revealed.

These solutions will be what lift us out of our current global crisis.

As an Intuitive Life Adviser for 22 years, I have seen that one of the most common struggles is self criticism. Especially if you are someone with sensitivities that have been ridiculed.

I share in your struggle as someone who has felt on the outside for most of my life.

What I have discovered, is that there is a difference between being sensitive and being A Sensitive. There is a powerful identity when you know that sensitivity, once understood, is a rare gift that is intended to help humanity in a way the ordinary person can not!

I have many tools, tips and insights that I am excited to share with you. Making Sense of Your Sensitivities is my commitment to you and a good place to start with Planet Pets People.
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Susan Elizabeth Espinosa, is the Founder of both Planet Pets People and Dream and Goal For It! She is a natural born intuitive who has been providing life coaching readings and education since 1997 through Dream & Goal For It!

She provides unique and personal life evolving guidance based upon the teachings she developed and outlined in her book, Something Wonderful. Specifically tools for change, growth and spiritual development are taught that assist the individual in targeting their dreams and result in a plan of action for achieving their goals



We envision a world where each person understands that every relationship is a holy experience and needs our tender care. Taking care of the relationships that take care of us specifically our connection to the Redwoods and Sequoias, our companion animals and to ourselves, ensures a well-balanced and healthy life for all.


To take care of that which takes care of you.

  • Guard the ancient Redwoods and Sequoias from harm as their ancient presence acts as an antidote to stress and relief from grief that can be directly experienced while being near them. This is available to everyone.

  • Support animal rights and care for their well being as they are a natural conduit for God’s unconditional love which energizes our own well being.

  • Relieve suffering and release one’s potential through teaching the principles of compassion, love and kindness.

  • Align the individual with their true God given purpose of being a vessel for LOVE which restores us into right relationship with all of life.

CORE BELIEFS (read more)



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Not understanding my own sensitivities led to multiple events of chaos. It is out of the turmoil, that I developed a highly attuned ability to use my sensitivities to offer guidance to others and to ease the misunderstanding that being sensitive is a weakness. You are without a doubt the strongest people on the planet!

Hi, I’m Susan and founder of both Planet Pets People and Dream and Goal for It!

I am a natural born intuitive and have been sharing my gifts through Life Vision Coaching, books and art since 1997.

I have the unique ability to see deep into the patterns of Cause and Effect allowing access to transformational information and real, practical advice.

This combination gives my clients the rare experience of previewing how decisions made today will affect the future.

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