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What is Dream & Goal For It!

The name came to me as I was watching tv and I heard it as a whisper “It’s a dream so goal for it.” Intuition can sneak up on you like that. It is not always so obvious. As I thought about it, the name seemed clever. It also explained my ability to connect to a client’s dream and then use the intuitive insights to bring back information they could apply in their life. So I went with it!


You are designed with 3 very specific features - INTUITION, FAITH AND INTELLIGENCE that are meant to be used as your SUPERPOWERS. These superpowers are what you need to connect  to your Authentic and True self. Your true self waits for you to identify your gifts and talents so that you can use them in your life and share with the world. 

INTUITION is naturally available to you and like any skill, it gets better with practice.

FAITH in something bigger than yourself (God, The Divine, Our Creator and the Universe) and interacting with this as a real guiding presence in your life, restores order and returns harmony.

INTELLIGENCE to discern the guidance you receive through your Faith in something bigger, gives you confidence in decision making and trust that the guidance you receive is what is right for you.

A Bit About Me”

“I came to life coaching because I didn’t want anyone to suffer as I had most of my life.

I called it “intuitive” because I eventually understood that some of my suffering was linked to being highly attuned and sensitive to energy and unseen sources of information.

All of my life, I would just know; whether it was sudden insights, sensations in my body, pictures or movies appearing in my mind, dreams and other combinations of senses and extra sensory perception (ESP).

At 25, I decided to try therapy in the hopes of understanding why I would often feel either deeply depressed or happy. I only wanted to live as I knew what was possible which was joyful and excited.

My therapist, Jay, provided me with good, solid psychological insights that began to help me understood childhood trauma. I felt safe with Jay and his approach to therapy. Eventually, I felt safe enough to ask him about why I knew things before they happened, had revelatory insights about people and to talk to him about the prophetic dreams I often experienced. Clearly, I was guided to the right person because Jay revealed that he occasionally worked with an intuitive and he was familiar with what I was describing.

This set me on a path of discovering the Mind/Body connection and how I was uniquely designed to have sensitivities beyond the normal range and that these sensitivities contributed greatly to my physical and metaphysical health.

After many years of what I coined an “extended life crisis”, I emerged with a body of information about how we have, built into our design, through the Soul, Body, Heart and Mind (The Fundamental Four which are part of the Seven Keys to Effortless Living) a system of self-care, healing and communication with God that was always meant to aid us in living a life in harmony with Life.

Through suffering came understanding, through loneliness came holiness and emotional self reliance.

All this and more I am excited to share with you!”


No doubt we are in the midst of an extraordinary change. Starting with the much talked about astronomical alignment that happened in December of 2012, it heralded the arrival of a time from 2012-2026, where transformative energies would revolutionize our lives both on a personal level and societal. There is a unique opportunity present in these years to align yourself fluidly with synchronicities that will guide you through these unpredictable times. Susan shows how to align with this energy that will guide you to the best possible solutions.

Her tools, tips and advice come from her own journey of self discovery as a highly sensitive intuitive who experienced many traumatic events that often defied reason and logic. With no how-to instruction available, she had to self examine each experience. She eventually discovered that there is a system built into every body that, when accessed consciously, can align you with synchronicities that are intended to support and aid you in all good things.

In her debut book, Something Wonderful, she shares her journey and discoveries along with very easy to implement instructions on how to active your Soul, Body, Heart and Mind to work as intended giving you direct access to guidance and support.