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Have you been told:

  • You take things too personally

  • To get over it

  • That you’re making it up

  • To stop crying

  • That you make a big deal out of everything

  • Forgive and forget

Do you get overstimulated by:

  • The environment

  • Sounds/Smells

  • Touch

  • What you see/hear

  • Hormones

  • Thoughts (your own & others)

  • Unexpressed feelings from others

  • Animals

  • Dreams

  • Neighbors

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It is nearly impossible to validate yourself when what you are seeking is for someone else to see, sense, feel what you do. I can do that. It is what makes me a good intuitive life coach.

But in your own world you may feel alone. No one understands you. That is the most common thing I hear from my clients is that they can’t talk to anyone in their life the way they talk with me. It is just not safe.

We all have to function in this “real world” and being a sensitive makes it extra challenging.

I am here to say to you that

  • you are not alone

  • you are not crazy

  • you are not making it up

  • it is not wishful thinking

  • you do not have an overactive imagination (it is actually a super power of yours)

  • you are not trying to get attention

Yes, you are sensitive, which means that you have senses that are attuned to more than the ordinary person will ever understand. Your senses pick up on everything and it can leave you unable to discern something useful.


Making Sense of Your Sensitivities will show you how to go from being overly sensitive to being A Sensitive with purpose. It’s an identity vs a criticism.

I will share with you tools to help you fine tune your senses so that you can use them and not be used by them. That was never the intention of the Creator.

You are needed. Your gifts are necessary for the times we are in now. The ordinary person lacks the understanding of how to successfully live in these changing time. BUT NOT YOU. Your sensitivities are the key that unlocks the door to solutions to today’s problems.